Seeker Rally Locations!


Hi, fellow Seeker Babies!

Ever wanted to meet up with other Seeker fans IRL and help Save Our Seeker? Then pry yourselves away from your computers on 8/14 and Unite to Save Our Seeker at a rally near you! Rally locations include Let's show the networks we mean business, and while we're at it, let's show the public what a great show we're fighting for!

Info and registration are here:

LJ page for the Orlando Rally is [info]u2sos_o 
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Save Our Seeker: Every Voice Counts

Hello, everyone. Most of you have no idea who I am, but I've got something to say. Please take a look under the cut and read; its my feelings concerning Save Our Seeker, and how I believe giving up is the only way we can ever truly lose. Strength resides not in numbers but in each and every single one of US. Call it words from the heart, hopefully a little bit of inspiration to raise everyone's spirits.

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Organizational efforts!

(Caveat: I'm not one of the professionals around here; if they come up with something more official, then you should go with what they suggest. I'm just posting this because no one else has (that I've seen), and because I'd hate for this energy to go to waste.)

There's been a lot of good discussion about how to break into the mainstream media in this post. The ads we're taking out are definitely an awesome start, but I know we all want to do more.

So I made a post over at legendofseeker about task-force assembly. (Found HERE.)

In which plans for real life demonstrations and getting a celebrity like Ellen or Rachel Maddow on our side are discussed. Go look! Add your two cents! Plot world domination the saving of our beloved show!
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A good idea? :D

An awesome idea from halfabubble:
Has anyone thought of pulling a Jericho and buying a page in Variety?
The potential network buyers are industry insiders and while they may be hearing about the cancellation and/or fan campaign, the world they live in is a small industry and the newspaper of record is Variety. The concept is a marketing angle to show the potential buyers that we are very serious, dedicated and are voting with our wallets to speak to them within their own industry circles. No-one can deny that money talks.

Read more here!

Because internet petitions ALWAYS work...


It was started back when things began looking bleak, but given that we were reassured, it kind of lost steam. Time to rectify that! Sign it! Get your friends to sign it! Your family! Strangers on the (metaphorical) street! Your dog! Maybe some enemies!

It takes ~30 seconds, and it just might make a difference. I mean, if we can get a sufficiently large number of people to start clamoring that YES, WE DO WANT A THIRD SEASON, NOW GIVE IT TO US, the Powers That Be might realize the error of their ways.

At least, it can't hurt.

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The quest is complete. Thank you so much to our amazing cast, crew & all our fans, it's been an awesome two years. Will miss you all.

- Mike Sussman

@Dear_B or should I say Dear Diary? Got some news that Seeker is no more. So sad to say goodbye to my NZ family but excited for what's next.

- Bridget Regan>

I guess it's pretty official. :( :( :(